What Is Intensive Subsistence Farming?

Are you curious to know what is intensive subsistence farming? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about intensive subsistence farming in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is intensive subsistence farming?

Embark on a journey through the rich landscapes of agriculture as we explore the intricacies of “Intensive Subsistence Farming.” This comprehensive article aims to shed light on the concept, practices, and significance of intensive subsistence farming.

What Is Intensive Subsistence Farming?

Begin your exploration by understanding the fundamental definition of intensive subsistence farming. This section introduces the core principles, highlighting the labor-intensive nature that sets it apart from other agricultural practices.

Intensive Subsistence Farming Wikipedia: A Comprehensive Overview

Navigate through a comprehensive overview of intensive subsistence farming, drawing insights from reputable sources such as Wikipedia. Uncover additional layers of information to broaden your understanding of this essential farming method.

Intensive Subsistence Farming In India: Cultivating Tradition

Dive into the heart of Indian agriculture as we explore how intensive subsistence farming weaves into the agricultural fabric of the country. Understand the unique challenges and benefits this method brings to India’s diverse landscapes.

Examples Of Intensive Subsistence Farming: Painting A Agricultural Portrait

Illustrate the diverse practices of intensive subsistence farming through real-world examples. This section provides a vivid portrayal of how communities worldwide embrace intensive subsistence farming to meet their food requirements.

Intensive Subsistence Farming Class 9: A Lesson In Agriculture

For students embarking on their agricultural studies, this section caters to the academic aspect. Learn the basics of intensive subsistence farming with a focus on Class 9 curriculum, offering a structured educational guide.

Intensive Subsistence Farming Class 12: Mastering The Nuances

As students progress into more advanced studies, this section delves deeper into the nuances of intensive subsistence farming, aligning with Class 12 agricultural studies. Explore advanced concepts and theories related to this farming method.

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Intensive Subsistence Farming Class 10 And Class 8: Tailored Insights

Tailored for students in Classes 10 and 8, this section provides age-appropriate insights into intensive subsistence farming. Focused content ensures that students can grasp the concepts in line with their academic levels.

Intensive Subsistence Farming In Points: Key Takeaways

Summarize the core points of intensive subsistence farming in a concise format. This section serves as a quick reference guide, offering key takeaways and essential information for those seeking a rapid understanding of the topic.


In conclusion, intensive subsistence farming emerges not only as a method of sustenance but also as a dynamic practice deeply rooted in tradition, culture, and sustainable agricultural practices. As we navigate the fields of intensive subsistence farming, may our journey be enriched with a deeper appreciation for the essential role it plays in nourishing both the earth and our understanding of agriculture.


What Are The Intensive Subsistence Crops?

For example, wheat, soybeans, and barley are majorly grown intensively in subsistence farms of northern parts of china, japan, and Korea and also parts of India like Punjab. In areas where rainfall is not adequate, food crops like millet and gorghum are grown.

What Is Subsistence Farming Class 10?

When farmers cultivate crops only for self-consumption and not to sell in the market, this type of farming is known as Subsistence Farming. It can be classified into two types – Primitive subsistence farming and Intensive subsistence farming. Suggest Corrections.

What Is Extensive Farming And Intensive Farming?

Intensive Farming refers to an agricultural system, wherein there is high level use of labor and capital, in comparison to the land area. Extensive Farming is a farming system, in which large farms are being cultivated, with moderately lower inputs, i.e. capital and labor.

What Is The Difference Between Plantation And Intensive Subsistence Farming?

In intensive subsistence farming farmers produce for their own consumption whereas in commercial farming production is mainly for the market. In intensive subsistence farming processing industries are not associated with farms whereas in commercial farming processing industries are associated with plantations.

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