What Is Disguised Unemployment?

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Disguised unemployment is a concept deeply rooted in economics, shedding light on a peculiar aspect of labor market inefficiencies. This article aims to demystify the term, exploring its definition, examples, and implications, particularly in the context of India.

What Is Disguised Unemployment?

Disguised unemployment refers to a situation where more people are engaged in a task or occupation than actually required for optimal productivity. In this scenario, the marginal productivity of individuals is virtually zero, and removing some workers would not affect overall output.

What Is Disguised Unemployment In India?

In the Indian context, disguised unemployment is a significant concern, especially in sectors like agriculture. The excessive workforce engaged in certain activities leads to underutilization of labor, hindering economic efficiency.

What Is Disguised Unemployment In Economics?

In economics, disguised unemployment is viewed as an inefficient allocation of resources. It occurs when the number of workers involved in a particular task exceeds the necessary workforce, contributing little to overall productivity.

What Is Disguised Unemployment Examples?

Examples of disguised unemployment include situations where multiple family members engage in subsistence farming on a small plot of land, even when a few workers could handle the same tasks. Another example is overcrowded service sectors with redundant staff.

What Is Disguised Unemployment Class 9th?

For students in Class 9th, understanding disguised unemployment involves grasping the basics of surplus labor and its impact on productivity. This foundational knowledge serves as a stepping stone for more advanced economic concepts.

What Is Disguised Unemployment Class 10th?

In Class 10th, students delve deeper into the nuances of disguised unemployment. They explore specific examples, causes, and consequences of this phenomenon, laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive understanding of labor market dynamics.

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What Is Disguised Employment?

Disguised employment is synonymous with disguised unemployment. It refers to situations where individuals are engaged in tasks that do not contribute significantly to overall productivity due to surplus labor.

What Is Disguised Unemployment Wikipedia?

Wikipedia provides a comprehensive overview of disguised unemployment, detailing its economic implications, global relevance, and historical context. It serves as a valuable resource for those seeking in-depth information on the subject.

What Is Disguised Unemployment Essay?

Crafting an essay on disguised unemployment involves exploring its origins, impact on economic growth, and potential remedies. An essay on this topic would delve into the complexities of labor market dynamics and their broader implications.


Disguised unemployment, though seemingly straightforward, holds immense significance in the economic landscape. Recognizing and addressing this phenomenon is crucial for fostering efficient resource allocation, especially in countries like India where labor-intensive sectors dominate. As students delve into the intricacies of disguised unemployment, they not only gain insights into economic principles but also cultivate a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by labor markets globally. By unraveling the layers of disguised unemployment, policymakers and economists can work towards creating more effective and equitable labor systems.


What Is Disguised Unemployment For Class 10?

Answer: A situation where unemployment has termed the state when many of them are working less efficiently. Here people potentially fall under disguised unemployment and are referred to as the underemployed category.

Which Is Called Disguised Unemployment?

Answer: The situation of underemployment is referred to as the situation when people are apparently working but all of them are made to work less than their potential is called disguised unemployment. In this case, the person considers himself employed but is actually not working.

What Is Hidden Unemployment?

The unemployment or underemployment of workers that is not reflected in official unemployment statistics because of the way they are compiled. Only those who have no work but are actively looking for work are counted as unemployed.

What Is Underemployed And Disguised Unemployment?

Regarding the Indian economy, under-employment can be said to be a situation when an individual is not fully employed permanently for the duration of time. Under-employment is also sometimes called disguised unemployment when an individual or group does not have a job or appears to be unemployed.

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