What Is Boid In Groww?

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Boid is a feature in the popular Indian investment platform, Groww, that allows users to invest in government bonds. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Boid is, why it’s important, and how it works in Groww.

What Is Boid In Groww?

Boid is short for “Bond Investing on Demand,” and it’s a feature in Groww that allows users to invest in government bonds in India. Government bonds are debt securities issued by the government that pay fixed interest rates over a specific period of time. They are considered a safe and secure investment option, and they are an important part of a diversified investment portfolio.

Why Is Boid Important?

Boid is important because it provides users with access to a secure and reliable investment option. Government bonds are considered low-risk investments, as they are backed by the government and have a fixed interest rate. They are also an important tool for managing risk in an investment portfolio, as they can help to balance out riskier investments like stocks and mutual funds.

How Does Boid Work In Groww?

To use Boid in Groww, users need to first complete their KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. Once their KYC is verified, they can access the Boid feature by navigating to the “Explore” section of the Groww app and selecting “Bonds.”

Users can then choose from a variety of government bonds with different interest rates and maturity periods. Once they have selected a bond, they can enter the amount they wish to invest and confirm their investment.

One of the advantages of using Boid in Groww is that users can invest in bonds with as little as Rs. 1,000. This makes government bonds accessible to a wider range of investors who may not have large sums of money to invest.


In conclusion, Boid is an important feature in Groww that allows users to invest in government bonds in India. By providing access to a low-risk, reliable investment option, Boid can help users balance out their investment portfolio and manage risk. By understanding how Boid works and taking advantage of its features, investors can make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

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How Do I Find My Bo Id?

A BO ID is the Demat account number of customers. It is a 16-digit number that combines DP ID (Depository participant identification number) with a customer’s Demat account number. By visiting the profile section of the website, you can find your BO ID on your Demat account statements.

Where Can I Find My Demat Account Number On Groww?

You can find it in the CMR copy sent to you. You can also find it on the Groww app under personal details. Your Groww Demat number is 16 digits and starts with 120887.

What Is The Tpin Number?

TPIN stands for TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) which is a secret PIN generated for every Beneficial Owner by the depository.

What Is The Dp Code Of Groww?

You can find your client ID under the personal details tab in Groww web or app. You can also find your Demat details in the client master report (CMR) received as part of the onboarding process. The Groww CDSL DP ID is 12088700.


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