Tata Safari Height: A Comprehensive Guide

Tata Safari Height: A Comprehensive Guide. The Tata Safari is a popular SUV that has been in the market for decades. The car is known for its spacious interior, strong build, and impressive performance. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the height of the Tata Safari and other related specifications.

Tata Safari Height:

The height of the Tata Safari varies depending on the model and the year of manufacture. However, the standard height of the Tata Safari is around 1940 mm. This measurement includes the roof rails, which add an extra 50 mm to the height.

Ground Clearance:

Ground clearance is an important aspect of any SUV, and the Tata Safari is no exception. The ground clearance of the Tata Safari is around 205 mm, which is quite impressive. This allows the car to easily navigate over rough terrain and speed breakers.

Other Specifications:

Apart from the height and ground clearance, the Tata Safari also has several other specifications that make it a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts. The car has a wheelbase of around 2650 mm, a length of around 4661 mm, and a width of around 1894 mm. It also has a turning radius of around 5.4 meters, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

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What Is The Height Of Tata Safari In Mm?

Safari has a 4661 mm Length, 1894 mm Width, 1786 mm Height, 1825 Kg Kerb Weight, 2741 mm Wheelbase, 199 mm Ground Clearance, 50 Litres Fuel Tank Capacity, and 73 Litres Boot Space.

What Is The Width And Height Of The Safari?

Safari Specs, Features and Price

The Diesel engine is 1956 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Safari has a mileage of 14.08 to 16.14 km. The Safari is a 6 seater 4 cylinder car and has a length of 4661mm, width of 1894mm and a wheelbase of 2741mm.

Which Car Is Bigger Harrier Or Safari?

Moreover, you won’t get a good enough variant in your budget. The Harrier is the biggest car which you’ll get in this price bracket. However, one issue with the car is that it doesn’t have disc brakes at the rear, it has drum brakes at the rear and disc at the front.

Is Tata Safari Powerful?

The engine is powerful and smooth. Good handling on corners. It is a unique example of strength, it is a car that runs with strength and power, and its engine has such power as if something powerful has come to us, it is a car that shows the power of a person.


The Tata Safari is a popular SUV known for its impressive performance and spacious interior. The height of the Tata Safari is around 1940 mm, and it has a ground clearance of around 205 mm. These measurements, along with other specifications like wheelbase, length, and width, make the Tata Safari a great choice for SUV enthusiasts.


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